Kaeli & Rebecca





Kaeli & Rebecca Issue #1: Reflections

Writing: Rick Silva
Art: Katrina Joyner
Lettering: Katrina Joyner
Cover Art: Katrina Joyner
Cover Lettering: Missy Pena
Editing: Rick Silva

Kaeli is a priestess of Death who has taken a vow not to kill. Rebecca is a warrior born into ancient and unending conflict. From the mirrored halls of a crumbling mansion steeped in ancient magic to the wasteland lair of an immortal wizard, their quest will test the limits of their strength and stretch the boundaries of their opposing philosophies. Kaeli & Rebecca tells the story of the fight to survive when nothing but love and loyalty keeps you going. And of how sometimes, that might just be enough.

Kaeli & Rebecca is an ongoing fantasy comic series written by Rick Silva and illustrated by Katrina Joyner. Kaeli & Rebecca joins Perils of Picorna and Stone as the third title in Dandelion Studios’ Quarterstaff Comics fantasy imprint.

Issue #1 will debut at Templecon, February 4-6, 2011 in Warwick RI, and is now available for pre-order for $4.00 plus $1.50 shipping/handling.


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