Friends, Associates, and Recommended Sites

Akashik Online – Webcomic by the Writers of the Apocalypse, headed up by Katrina Joyner, who is also the artist for Kaeli & Rebecca here at Dandelion Studios. Akashik is a long-running space-opera comic tragedy. Rick Silva of Dandelion Studios occasionally lends a hand here with dialogue writing (he’s “Pollution” of the Writers of the Apocalypse). Akashik updates on Wednesdays.

The Edge of Propinquity – Urban fantasy and horror webzine edited by Jennifer Brozek. The Edge of Propinquity features four ongoing serial stories: Mnemosyne by Nick Bergeron, Solstice by Ivan Ewert, Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire, and Four Visitors by Dandelion Studios publisher Rick Silva. Each month also features a standalone story by a guest author. A new issue of The Edge of Propinquity is posted on the 15th of each month. – Collaborative art blog featuring four manga artists: Finni, Silvar-Ruby, Zinmay, and Chuwei. Zinmay is Missy Pena, artist for Dandelion Studios’ Perils of Picorna.

Gary Scott Beatty – Xeric Grant winning writer and illustrator. Gary did the cover coloring for the third issue of Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire here at Dandelion studios.

Heavenly Bride – Manga-style webcomic by Katrina Joyner and Writers of the Apocalypse. This is the sister project to Akashik Online. Updates on fridays.

Josh Comics – Website of cartoonist/zinester/musician Josh Sullivan. Josh is currently traveling the country as part of his 52 Friends travel/zine project. He’ll be hosted by the Dandelion Studios crew at Ogremoot in early August, 2009.

Larry’s Comics – Comic book shop located in Lowell MA. Larry’s is also the promoter for the Westford Comic Show.

Layne’s Yarn Bin – Yarn craft blog by our friend Layne, who volunteers with us at the Origins International Game Faire.

The Literary Underworld of Elizabeth Donald – Website of horror writer Elizabeth Donald. Elizabeth’s Nocturnal Urges series was published by Cerridwen Press. Her current projects include her zombie novella, The Cold Ones, (scheduled for release in the fall of 2009 from Sam’s Dot Publishing) and The Dreadmire Chronicles, a horror-fantasy novelization of the Dreadmire roleplaying game (from Spellbinder Books). Elizabeth’s Literary Underworld will be appearing at a number of upcoming conventions, selling her own books as well as the works of other small press publishers including Dandelion Studios. Her current schedule is available here.

Rexford Avenue – Webcomic by artist Alice Veidt, who is the artist for Stone here at Dandelion Studios.

SJS Comic Promotions – SJS Comic Promotions is owned and operated by Promotions Consultant, Susan Soares. The purpose of SJS Comic Promotions is to provide support and guidance to small press comic book creators in the areas of marketing and promotions of their properties. Currently SJS Comic Promotions represents Dandelion Studios, Fallenmage Productions, Big Bone Studios, Mustard Seed Comics, Dark Brain Comics, Unstoppable Comics, Jolly Rogue Studios and Three J Productions LLC.

Steveink Works – Blog of graphic designer Steve Kuster, who does the lettering for Stone at Dandelion Studios.